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Noble Canyon Day Trip

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Awesome weekend with our MTB crew at Noble Canyon in eastern San Diego County. A few of us drove down Friday night to post up for the night at our favorite spot near the bottom of Noble Canyon. Nothing like waking up to the sunrise over Mt Laguna!

The rest of the group drove down Saturday morning for a round trip MTB ride on Noble Canyon and the Big Laguna trails. Most people like to shuttle but our group chose to dig in for the 2000' uphill grind to the top of Noble Canyon trailhead. Before starting the descent they took a cross country cruise around some of the Big Laguna trails then dropped into the super fun and sometimes technical downhill Noble Canyon trail.

Back at the bottom our support crew was all set up with our team tent, iced down coolers of cold beverages and a grill loaded with brats and tater tots! Most everyone left a little blood on the trail but it was all smiles and good stories in the end. A couple riders with some extra time and stamina took in a second sunset lap.

Awesome day trip for anyone looking for an uphill training grind and a long, flowy and slightly technical downhill single-track.

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