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Races & Clinics

We love to race!

Our mountain bike club members are big fans of MTB racing. If you're looking for a club to race with, we're glad you found us. As a club member, you get access to our support tent staffed and stocked with friendly faces, food and refreshments and a community of riders that want to see you cross the finish line. Our race support services are exclusive to club members but anyone is welcome to come by and hang out with us so don't be shy! And if you're interested in racing with us and enjoying our community, join the club!


Over the Hump

OTH is like home for us. You'll always find our tent and loads of thinkMTB jersey wearing riders. Come by and check us out!

Winter Series Saturdays


Summer Series Tuesdays


Races Everywhere

Most club sponsored races include a team member hospitality tent, food and drink, ride sharing and shared accommodations. 

As a club, we ride in races across the US. Join us to learn more and participate in races as part of our team.

Races & Clinics: Event Spaces

More Rides

Mountain Biking
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Local Trail Rides

MTB Excursions

Giving Back & Trail Maintenance

Races & Clinics: Our Facilities
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