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Giving Back & Trail Maintenance

Our club started on the core tenant that so long as we could ride we would also give back.
We're taking our goals to give back to new levels and we hope you'll come along for the ride.

Trail Maintenance

thinkMTB partners with OCMTBA to assist in trail maintenance days all over Orange County. 

Subscribe and follow OCMTBA to be notified about trail days.

Gardening Tools

Bike Bells

Ride with bike bells! MTB riders tend to ride fast. Riding with passive or active bells gives us the chance to warn other trail users, such as hikers, runners, and equestrian riders, that we're coming down the trail.

Bells are also highly recommended if you ride in bear country. 


Rides for a Cause

We love riding bikes and we want kids to know the same thrill of riding. Our club raises funds through-out the year so we can purchase or repair bikes for kids that need them. You can get involved!

  1. Donate

  2. Nominate kids or organizations that we can donate bikes or bike repairs to.

  3. Organize an event to raise funds.

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Giving Back & Trail Maintenance: Event Spaces

We raise money several ways but if you're feeling like you want to help we'd greatly appreciate your support!

Giving Back & Trail Maintenance: Text

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Giving Back & Trail Maintenance: Our Facilities
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