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thinkMTB & Rock n Road Pay it Forward with bikes for women in Paraguay

Belen Ramirez, one of the founders of Project Bike Love, painted this picture for us at Tuesday night's Over the Hump race #7...

"At the end of tonight's race we will all go home caked in dust from another great night of mtb racing. We will take a long hot shower, because we can. Because for us, water is always just a twist of the knob away. In Paraguay, that is not the case. In Paraguay, to get water, a woman must get on a bike and ride miles to a well. She will collect water to bring back to her home - to drink. Not to take a long hot shower. Just to drink."

We are truly blessed to have bikes for fun and water at our fingertips.

In a long standing spirit of “pay it forward”, thinkMTB matched Rock n Road’s generous donation on Tuesday resulting in a total donation of $1,000. These funds will deliver 8 bikes in the ongoing and admirable effort of Project Bike Love. 8 more families in Paraguay will have a mode of transportation and improved access to the basic necessities we all take for granted.

We challenge our MTB industry and club peers to join us in this effort. Belen has an objective that has not yet been met. Will you help in supporting a few more bikes? – after all, it is our shared passion!

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