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Noble Canyon Day Trip

Awesome weekend with our MTB crew at Noble Canyon in eastern San Diego County. A few of us drove down Friday night to post up for the night at our favorite spot near the bottom of Noble Canyon. Nothing like waking up to the sunrise over Mt Laguna! The rest of the group drove down Saturday morning for a round trip MTB ride on Noble Canyon and the Big Laguna trails. Most people like to shuttle but our group chose to dig in for the 2000' uphill grind to the top of Noble Canyon t

Sunday Fun Day MTB ride at Crystal Cove

Huge turnout last Sunday for our weekly Crystal Cove State Park morning ride. Quyen lead the A group on a wild ride up, down and all around Crystal Cove SP and Laguna Coast Wilderness Trails. Doesn't matter how much climb he throws in he's always ready for more and somehow keeps a smile on his face even on the tough sections. Bonnie and Ruth stepped up and took on the lead of a B group for a nice easy cruise across the ridge lines of Crystal Cove SP. Watch the Facebook Events

Epic MTB Quotes to Live By

Mountain bikers don't need much motivation to ride. They live to ride and ride hard as often as they can. But we still like a good motivational quote to say to ourselves on those long uphill climbs or in those moments when we're completely bonked but still have miles to go. Here are some words to boost us in those tough moments... "If you do something right the first time, then it's not hard enough" - Danny MacAskill "Life's to short not to go big" - Josh Bender "When the spi

Blackstar Canyon Ride

Club ride up Black Star Canyon in Anaheim, CA. Ride video: Full gallery of ride photos #blackstarcanyon #mtb #thinkmtb

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