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all we do is ride

All riders are always welcome to join us on a group ride, but as a member you get special benefits! Members get front of the line access to our rides, excursions and events, vendor and venue discounts negotiated by the club, subsidized training clinics, exclusive race and event support tent services, and exclusive access to free or low cost swag drops through-out the year. Contact us to chat about membership.


Annual Membership


Membership: Membership

Membership Benefits

Ride Kits & Apparel

Kits, MTB jerseys and more. Members get access annually to bulk order pricing at set times per year. Annual membership includes 1 complimentary jersey each year.

Support Tent Services

At club sponsored rides and events we setup a fully stocked support services tent exclusively for our members. Support services include a shaded tent, seating, hydration, snacks and a fun party.

Exclusive Discounts

Access to member only discounts and special vendor sales events through-out the year. Your savings alone will exceed your club dues!

Swag Drops

Get your thinkMTB swag! We create and hand out swag at various times per year and often only for specific events. Swag is an exclusive members only benefit.

Clinics, Training, Racing

In collaboration with our sponsors and race venues, we offer members access to clinics, training and racing at subsidized rates or no charge to members when sponsorship funding is available.

MTB Excursions & Parties

We love to ride and we love to party after we ride. Members have first rights to join us on limited space MTB excursion travel and club parties. Most excursion events include some sort of base camp support services as well as team dinners, shared and low cost lodging or camping and carpooling.

Opportunities to Give Back

We strongly believe it is a privilege to ride like we do. As a club member, you'll get the chance to give others the same privilege. We coordinate various charitable opportunities to give those in need the gift of riding a bike.


Too obvious to mention? We take our team member relationships pretty serious. The team is a family and anyone that joins gets all the love the team can give. We'll make sure you ride and do everything we can to make sure you get the most out of your commitment to the club.

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