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Over the Hump 2019 Race #8

Beautiful night at Irvine Lake, great temps and low humidity made for the perfect evening to add Limestone Canyon to the course!

Thank you to Quyen's family for the awesome egg rolls and to Mike M, Mike S, Sid and the rest for bringing drinks and sides.  Happy Birthday to Kari & Linda!

Our podium performers: Bridget Smith #1 in Junior girls Mike Benedict #2 in 65+ Mike McHenry #2 in 60-64 Craig Hartman #3 in Single Speed Team scores show us posting 3rd last night! Honorable mention to Bernie for fighting thru two flats to still finish his race before sunset. Last night was a great showing, QT out for his first race, Pat there to cheer on his club members, the tent was active with fun all the way thru to the cake - so fun to watch everyone hanging out and enjoying each other well after the rest have gone home! We are thinkMTB!

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