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Resources on places to ride in Southern California

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Open Spaces to Ride in Orange County

Here in the OC we enjoy a number of open spaces configured for our passion of mountain biking.

Orange County Parks

Favorites include:

  • Whiting Ranch for moderate fire road climbs and some single track

  • Aliso & Woods for beginner segments, fire road climbs and some tech challenge single track

  • Laguna Coast Wilderness for lots of intermediate and advanced single track downhills

  • Santiago Oaks for great short distance, high “burn” workout landscapes 

  • See also Caspers, Peters, Irvine Regional

California State Parks

Favorites include:

  • Crystal Cove for our weekly club multi tier ride from Coastal Peak Park

  • O’Neil for some fantastic climbs and great trails threading thru the river beds

  • San Onofre for the never ending fun of the San Clemente Single Track segments

  • See also Chino Hills

Cleveland National Forest

Favorites include:

  • Harding Truck Trail for pure climbing elevation, and views over Orange County

  • San Juan Creek for never ending single track and switchbacks up and out of the valley

Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Favorites include:

  • Blackstar for a great fire road climb to access the peaks between the coast and inland areas

  • Quail Creek Trail for an exercise loop that combines a bit of all terrains in a beginner/intermediate level

  • Open access days at Freemont and Limestone Canyons to experience nature at it’s best

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How to Check for Park Closures & Alerts

OC trails can close for rain or fire concerns. Check for alerts here.

Orange County Parks

Crystal Cove State Park

Cleveland National Forest

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MTB Day Trips in So Cal

Feeling adventurous and have a day to travel outside the OC? Here are a few near by mtb trails we recommend.

Noble Canyon - San Diego County

You can plan this ride as a day trip or a camp and ride. There's some free camping as well as several forest service campgrounds nearby. 

Most people plan a shuttle at the bottom but if you're super strong or ride an e-bike, you can make it a round trip.

Santa Ana River Trail (SART) - San Bernardino County

SkyPark in Lake Arrowhead - San  Bernardino County

Awesome mountain bike park in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Fantastic setup to test your downhill & technical skills.

Skyline Trail in Big Bear - San Bernardino County

A great singletrack trail that traverses the mountains above Big Bear Lake and the Snow Summit Ski Resort.

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Mobile Trail Apps

For specific details on trails at any destination we suggest you use online trail websites & mobile apps.

We have lots of recommendations and opinions on local trails in So Cal and many other areas in the Western US but the latest and most up to date information on trail navigation and trail conditions can typically be found on these sites. We're always available to be contacted for help or to answer questions.

Trail Forks

MTB Project

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MTB RideFest

MTB Ride

1. the sport or activity of riding a mountain bike over rough terrain.


1. The best suffix for anything that is extreme.

2. Used to create a noun that indicates an abundance of a type of activity in a particular place at a given time.

Mountain Biking

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