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Over the Hump 2019 Race #11

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Another great night at Over The Hump as we enter the home stretch for the 2019 race season! Next week is the grand finale and you can bet we'll be throwing a big party to celebrate our half dozen plus team members on the podium. 

Thank you to Tom M. and Jeff for running the grill and hosting the tent! The pulled pork and chicken wings were "off the hook" good!

This week's podium performers:

Mike Benedict #2 in 65+

Craig Hartman #2 in Single Speed

Bridget Smith #2 in Junior Girls

Kari Browning #2 in B45+

Mike McHenry #4 in 60-64 Greg Lasiewski #4 in Sport 4

James Landrigan #5 in Junior Boys

We posted a 4th in the Team Competition with the return of Bridget and Kari posting their top points, thanks ladies!

If you would like one of the cool shop shirts revealed at Race 11, please contact Veronica or hit us up here on the website or through one of our social media channels.

Race 11 event photos ⬇️

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