The month of November brought with it the final races in two of the club’s favorite mountain bike race series;  6 & 12 Hours of Temecula and Non Dot Adventures.  Both of these race series were well attended by the thinkASG race team and we are very proud of their individual and team results.

6 & 12 Hours of Temecula

This year is the final year for the 6 and 12 hour format for the Temecula race series as it will be converting to an 8 hour format for 2017.  Jason Renoa and his team have done an outstanding job of building a great brand for mountain bike racing at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula.  The venue has everything to offer mountain bike enthusiasts; challenging and fun trails, camping and festivities for the family, and a chill grass roots feel.  thinkASG MTB club had several teams and solo riders competing in the 2016 race series.  Congratulations to the following teams/individuals and their success in the race series!

  • 1st place – 12 Hour 4 Person Team: Steve Smith, Greg Lasiewski, John Angevine, Manuel Doblado, and Jeff Olson
  • 2nd place – 6 Hour 2 Person Team: Kurt Weimann, Sharone Levy, and James Kretzschmar
  • 2nd place – 6 Hour Solo Junior 12-17: Lincoln Rhonemus

Non Dot Adventures

The 2016 OC Classic XC Race Series wrapped up this past weekend at Caspers Wilderness Park.  thinkASG MTB Club has shown up in big numbers for the previous races in this series and this race was no different with 14 members participating. We are so fortunate to have the Non Dot crew host this race series in Orange County led by Jon & Missy Kearley, Andy & Heather Lightle, and Jake & Jeanna Miller. They have successfully created an awesome mountain bike race series in our local parks and it continues to grow as a favorite among many.  In addition to the many individual accomplishments of our members, thinkASG MTB Club came in 1st place for the Team Competition!  Way to go!

Congratulations to the following individuals for their hard work!

Caspers Race Results

  • 1st Place – Sport 30-39 – Manuel Doblado
  • 1st Place – Clydesdale – Greg Lasiewski
  • 1st Place – Beginner 40-49 – James Kretzschmar
  • 1st Place – Beginner under 19 – Cole Ridenour
  • 2nd Place – SuperSport 45+ – Michael Belle
  • 2nd Place – Sport under 19 – Cole Smith
  • 2nd Place – Singlespeed – Craig Hartman
  • 2nd Place – Clydesdale – Sharone Levy
  • 3rd Place – Sport 50-54 – Jon Jarrett
  • 3rd Place – Clydesdale – Bernie Filtz

OC Classic XC Race Series Results

  • SuperSport 45+ : 1st Place – Michael Belle, 2nd Place – Jeff Olson
  • Sport -19 : 1st Place – Cole Smith, 2nd Place – Lincoln Rhonemus
  • Sport 30-39 : 1st Place – Manuel Doblado
  • Sport 50-54 : 3rd Place – Jon Jarrett
  • Singlespeed : 2nd Place – Craig Hartman
  • Clydesdale : 1st Place – Greg Lasiewski, 3rd Place – Sharone Levy
  • Beginner -19 : 1st Place – Cole Ridenour
  • Beginner 40-49 : 1st Place – James Kretzschmar

Congratulations to all of racers for their hard earned results.  Keep up the great work!

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