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There are a few ‘sections’ here:

GENERAL LINKS – just random stuff about non-specific locations.

PARK CLOSURES – links to see what local park conditions are like.

PLACES TO RIDE (LOCAL) – local bike parks, trails, etc.  These are in alphabetical order by park/trail name.

PLACES TO RIDE (NON-LOCAL) – All kinds of places in the USA and more!



California State e-bike regulations.  CLICK HERE

Hut-to-Hut rides.  About $700/person depending.  San Juan Huts

Like Hut-to-Hut, but you supply your own tents (self-guided).  About $400/person for 4 days.  Hermosa Tours: Fruita, CO to Moab, UT – Kokopelli trail

California bike trails maps  CLICK HERE.  Scroll down to “South Coast” for Irvine/OC maps.

Volunteer days for trail work – For LCF (Laguna Canyon Foundation) CLICK HERE and go to the bottom where it’s labeled “Trail Stewardship” at the bottom for dates you can assist them.


PARK CLOSURES (check during rainy season!) & trail maintenance:

Cleveland national forest closures (Blackstar, Maple Springs, Harding, Sierra Peak, Skyline, etc)  CLICK HERE.  or TRY HERE

General OC park closures and alerts.  CLICK HERE.

Crystal cove park closure.  CLICK HERE.

Laguna Canyon Foundation “Trail Mix” (info on their trails, and work going on).  CLICK HERE.

SHARE Trail maintenance – check their FB site.  CLICK HERE

Non-Dot Adventures (they have trail maintenance besides standard races).  CLICK HERE


PLACES TO RIDE LOCAL (in alphabetical order):

ALL OC PARKS information.  MAP  MAP2 

Aliso Creek – parking at Creekside Park Corner of Cedarbrook & Aliso Viejo Parkway.

R at El Toro – R on Aliso Creek – L Aliso Viejo – 1st Right on Cedarbrook

park in the park on the left (Creekside Park) – take the asphalt path to the ‘right’ and make left about 1/8 mile onto bike trail


Aliso & Woods Canyon Wilderness park (in Laguna Beach).
Main address (not where we meet): 28373 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (949) 923-2200
Where we usually meet (on Canyon Vistas street, in front of Canyon VIEW park) – Directions:
Take El Toro towards the beach
Left on Aliso Creek Rd
Right on Glenwood Dr
Glenwood turns into Pacific Park Drive
Right on Canyon Vistas
Park is on left towards end of street, do NOT park on right hand side (when headed towards park) or you may be ticketed (look for no parking signs).
Ride THROUGH the park (on Wood Canyon Trail), stay to the right, and it will take you to a dirt trail, take it straight, and Chola trail will be on your right up a small ways.

Brian Lopes does Rock-it, Teleonic, etc.


ARROWHEAD  TRAIL MAP  Here’s some general info on ride’s we’ve done.  Copy/paste the URL’s as you want.

Keeler Peak Road (asphalt [not really street] climb for 4 miles, then a nice trail on the side of the hill for another 4). Pretty much a loop.

Some other Arrowhead rides we did:
sandy (Willow Creek):
John Muir:

Rouse Ranch:

Here’s my favorites 1st listed being the most ineresting (in my feeble mind)
loop,15 miles 3000′ gain
Pinnacles race loop. 5 miles
I picked it from this list,-117.196711/zoom/13/map_type/terrain
Hmmmm. Mr Toads wild ride. By Big Bear. here’s better link:
activity: Mountain Biking
city: Fawnskin
distance (miles): 30.4
elevation gain (feet): 2,400 feet
local contacts: San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear Ranger District
local maps: USGS Fawnskin, Butler Peak, and Keller Peak
publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
season: May to November
skill level: Aerobic: Difficult. Technical: Moderate to difficult.
trail type: Loop
Hook Canyon – Kinda far out for ony 5.9 miles (total out & back) and no hills – drop at start, 600′ climb at end. Looks pretty flat.
This is by Big Bear Lake:
17 miles, 2000′ climb. description only says ‘fire roads and single track’


BEEK’s PLACE (off main divide)  click HERE

Big Bear/Snow Summit lifts and downhill MTB riding.  Opens 5/8/2015 for summer.

Big Bear (Fawnskin) trail called Greys Peak.  If you’re traveling from Arrowhead to Big Bear on I18, it’s a turnoff JUST BEFORE the post office located at 39132 N Shore Dr, Fawnskin, CA 92333

One Flew OTB on Geoladders ride. Go here to download the turn by turn:
awesome ride.
Big Bear


Blackstar Canyon – IRC LinkWikipedia Link.  There’s a waterfall there (if it EVER rains) up at the end of the trail.  This is a classic ride, listed as beginner but that all depends on how fast/far you ride. It is not technical but good scenery.  The climb up PAST the falls (switchbacks) is fairly strenuous, especially on hot days.
Directions:  Take El Toro inland 11.5 miles
Stay to the LEFT when passing Cooks Corner – this will turn into E. Santiago Canyon – 5.9 miles
Right on Silverado Canyon Road – 486 feet
Left on Blackstar Canyon Rd – 1.1 miles
Park at end by gate or at front by Xmas tree farm (Peltzer Pines parking location)



Chino Hills State Park.  CA.GOV LINK.  4500 Carbon Canyon Rd, Brea, CA 92823 951-780-6222

DOVE CANYON – Meet at Dove Canyon shopping center.
31941 Dove Canyon Drive, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
Directions from Laguna:
El Toro inland
R Santa Margarita 2.7 mi
R Plano Trabuco .4
L Dove canyon
U turn just before gate to Dove, park in shopping lot



Freemont Canyon


HARDING:   It’s called HARDing for a reason.  The first few miles are a strenuous climb.  We usually meet at Tucker Wildlife sanctuary, and there are only about 10 or so parking spaces there.

Directions: Take El Toro road inland, stay to the LEFT past Cooks corner.

Take that (Santiago Canyon Road) for about a mile or so, and go RIGHT up the 2 lane Mojeska Grade Road.

Follow Modjeska Canyon Road (always staying to the right) to the end.

On your right you will see the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. Park in the lot just after the sign.

The trailhead is on the left of the road The trail starts at the metal truck gate with bike access on the right side.


Holy Jim Trail (6W03) – USDA Notes.  Directions to Holy Jim Trail Head: Take El Toro inland – Right onto Live Oak Canyon Rd 4.1 mi

Stay to the right at any opportunity – at ‘bridge’ turn left into parking area.

Adventure pass needed IF you park 5 miles in at the start of the trail.  Otherwise NOT.

The ride contains about 5 miles of steady single track climbing and about 12 miles of downhill and flat.  At the higher elevations the flies really bug (pun intended) so bring your favorite repellent.


Hurkey Creek The Hurkey Creek area is just south of Idylwild and takes about 1:30 minutes to get there from Laguna. It is some of the best mountain biking in SoCal. There are several races up there, notably the spring challenge series.


 IRC – Irvine Ranch Conservency site – has lots of different activities… Rides, hikes, trail maintenance.


Irvine Ranch Open Space.  Their LINK.  Trail MAP.  Irvine paved bike paths LINK


Irvine Regional ParkOC Parks Link.  1 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869 (714) 973-6835.  They take an OC Parks pass if you have one.


LIMESTONE CANYON (“Grand Canyon of OC”, also where “the Sinks” are) – MAP Located in  Silverado, CA 92676.  Irvine Company LINK1  IRC Link2.  It is on the left, just before Irvine Lake (where OTH is held).  Augustine staging area. entrance opens at 7am (when open)


MAPLE SPRINGS (sometimes called Silverado) MAP.   Take El Toro inland. Where it V’s at Cooks, stay to the left, that is now Santiago Canyon Road. Take it 5.5 miles to Silverado Canyon Road and turn right.
Drive all the way to the end of Silverado Canyon (5.6 miles) and it will dead end at the parking (6 spaces).
You NEED AN ADVENTURE PASS TO PARK at the end of the road.

NEWPORT COAST (Coastal Peak Park) – MAP Crystal Cove State Park – usually meet at the top of Newport Coast Drive (Here).   Crystal Cove General info.


Noble Canyon:  Located in the San Diego area.   Recent ride.   USDA info.  MTBR site INFO & REVIEW.  IMBA site info.

A Noble Loop:


O’Neill Regional Park – OC Parks LINK.  30892 Trabuco Canyon Rd, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678 949-923-2260


Palomar/Mt Lowe area – Like a mix between Whiting Ranch, Luge, Aliso, Ortega and some stuff from Oregon.  The whole trail does have an amazing story about Thaddeus Lowe, the hotel, the railway and the whole Pasadena lifestyle then.  Have a look at this video tour, it is for hiking, but goes along for riding as well.  VIDEO  Here’s more.  Copy/paste them into the URL to view:

Who was Thaddeus S. C. Lowe?


Peters CanyonMAP 8548 E. Canyon View Ave., Orange, CA 92869 (714)973-6611 or (714)973-6612


Quail Hill Trailhead (Shady Canyon/irvine) – Irvine Ranch LINK  34 Shady Canyon Drive, Irvine, CA 92603


Sam Merril Trailhead or Mt Lowe or Echo Mountain (Pasadena) Lots of history stopping points along the way (about 3-4k climbing)

ride example.  The trail head is on the corner of E. Loma Alta Dr. & N. Lake Ave in Pasadena.
Exit N. Lake Ave off of the 210 and take it up the hill to the end where it hits E. Loma Alta Dr.


San Juan Trail (off Ortega) – USDA infoMAP – where we park (Lazy W Ranch – 23852 Hot Spring Canyon Road, San Juan Cpstrno, CA 92675)

Go out Ortega (74), when you past Caspers park on the left, go about another 2-3 miles, and there will be a slight right turn sweeper, with a sign on the left side of the road that says “LAZY W-RANCH” (with a few buildings that are Visitor center), turn into that, and drive back about 3/4 of a mile and park at the end.  You WILL NEED AN ADVENTURE PASS to park there, or you may be ticketed.  USUALLY, it’s a $5 ticket but could be up to $30 I’ve heard.


Santiago Oaks
Link to OC Parks info.   MAP1   MAP2   MAP3

2145 N. Windes Drive, Orange, CA 92869  (714) 973-6620 or (714) 973-6622

Directions to a place to park that is outside the park.

from the 5 fwy:  Take Jamboree inland
L on Canyon View Ave (if you get to Chapman, you’ve gone too far)
R on Aspen –  park at end of cul-de-sac
OR: Trails End Lane, in Santiago Hills park: Trails End lane Orange, CA 92869
(directions from Lake Forest/El Toro)


SART (Santa Ana River Trail – no, not the HB to Fullerton route)
Click HERE for a typical ride/route.  MEET HERE.  at the cul-de-sac at end of Aspen and Canyon View (100 aspen St, Orange CA 92869):
From the above location, we drive/carfpool to the Loch Leven Conference Center:
8171 Mountain Home Creek Rd, Mentone, CA 92359
Directions from Aspen/Canyon View, to Loch Leven
To get there take Santiago Cyn Right, 1.1 miles to the 241 fwy
take the 241 North 6.1 miles
Get onto the 91 Fwy East, go 25 miles
The 91 becomes the 215 North/Riverside, go 5.4 miles
Merge onto the I-10 E, exit 40A and take it 7.8 miles
Take University exit 80, go .3 miles
turn Right on N. University and IMMEDIATELY take 1st LEFT on E. Citrus Ave, go 2.6 miles
Left on Crafton, go 1.0 miles
Right on Mentone Blvd/CA-38 (also called E Lugonia Ave) go 8 miles
Left on Mountain Home Creek Rd, go .3 miles and park
The parking area is just before the Conf Ctr and on the opposite side of the street.

Here’s another piece (above Glass Rd) that Tom V. says is a fun ride. Really fun loop the climb back is paved and fire road, but very scenic.  13 miles of Single Track (ST) down… So the 8 miles above Glass road is some amazing ST. Worth the ride….


SCST – San Clemente Single Tracks
meet at End of road past Steed Park
Steed Park Trailhead: From I-5 in San Clemente take the Ave Pico exit. Turn east/inland/left and take Ave Pico 1.7 miles. Turn right onto Ave La Pata and travel south for 1.1 miles. Steed Park is on the right-hand side of the road just as you can see the road dead-end. Park at the end of the street – just past the u-turn. The trails start just past the end of the road.





Tijeras Creek – Here’s a good place to meet (James Gilleran Park) CLICK HERE


Vail Lake in Temecula – (where the Endurance series is held) map


Whiting Ranch   Whiting Ranch MAP.   Also: Limestone Cyn and Whiting Ranch map


Willows parking lot in Laguna Beach, just past El Toro on right when heading towards the beach.