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This page contains items that we (and you – feed me items!) consider interesting enough to share with others.  Newest posts on top.

3/30/2018 – How to make Facebook “events” you’re attending appear on your Google calendar.  CLICK HERE for the instructions.

The instructions say to:
Go to YOUR FB page.

Click on the MORE (in the heading below your picture) then select EVENTS from the dropdown.

Click on ANY event.  Just do the first one.
Just above the event picture, there’s an EDIT, and “….” to the right.  Click on the “….”
Select EXPORT EVENT from the little drop-down.
You’ll get a popup window, and there will be a SUBSCRIBE TO ALL UPCOMING EVENTS URL there.  That’s the URL you want.
You can now either COPY that URL and paste it in my above instructions, or click on EXPORT and it’ll bring up a new page, where you can directly add it to your calendar.

7/15/2016 Bells:
PASSIVE (ring without you having to do anything – think cowbell).
This one is more ‘artsy’, and very nice, completely handmade. You can get the guy to put in almost any text, and a few symbols. He can’t do the club logo, it’s too complex though.
It has a spring that you use to dis-engage (quiet) it when you don’t want it ringing.
They are $39+engraving, and I think have a lifetime wty.  Click HERE


This one is handlebar controlled. They are $20 (click HERE)  You can buy them on Amazon HERE


1/27/16 – If your Garmin doesn’t show the correct altitude, click HERE for instructions on how to calibrate it.

7/9/15 Clipping in for the 1st time?  Click HERE

4/15/15 Strava Labs.  This site lets you look at your activity, and see who else was around at the time.


4/15/15 Very cool drones – AIRDOG ($1200’ish, due out 12/2015) and ZANO ($300 coming out soon)

360fly: 360 degree camera.  Coming August 2015


3/15 A VERY good (not cheap) cold weather ‘base’ layer (Craft).


Great cold weather biking boots/shoes.  45NRTH. Tom V and Mikey both use them.


Here’s some stretching to relieve an achy back…   Here’s a routine I (Mikey) do EVERY morning as soon as I get out of bed – it is GREAT.  Takes only 15 minutes.


Great stuff for sore muscles and backs (been using it for years) – BIOFREEZE


This is a great iPhone app, especially if you have an older 4 or 5 model. What I use the most is the timer, so I don’t need someone to take the picture – CAMERA+