Mikey’s recommendations

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7/15/2016 Bells:
PASSIVE (ring without you having to do anything – think cowbell).
This one is more ‘artsy’, and very nice, completely handmade. You can get the guy to put in almost any text, and a few symbols. He can’t do the club logo, it’s too complex though.
It has a spring that you use to dis-engage (quiet) it when you don’t want it ringing.
They are $39+engraving, and I think have a lifetime wty.  Click HERE

T-Bone bell

This one is handlebar controlled. They are $20 (click HERE)  You can buy them on Amazon HERE



1/27/16 – If your Garmin doesn’t show the correct altitude, click HERE for instructions on how to calibrate it.

7/9/15 Clipping in for the 1st time?  Click HERE

4/15/15 Strava Labs.  This site lets you look at your activity, and see who else was around at the time.


4/15/15 Very cool drones – AIRDOG ($1200’ish, due out 12/2015) and ZANO ($300 coming out soon)

360fly: 360 degree camera.  Coming August 2015


3/xx/15 A VERY good (not cheap) cold weather ‘base’ layer (Craft).


Great cold weather biking shoes.  Tom V and Mikey both use them.


Here’s some stretching to relieve an achy back…   Here’s a routine I (Mikey) do EVERY morning as soon as I get out of bed – it is GREAT.  Takes only 15 minutes.


Great stuff for sore muscles and backs (been using it for years) – BIOFREEZE


This is a great iPhone app, especially if you have an older 4 or 5 model. What I use the most is the timer, so I don’t need someone to take the picture – CAMERA+