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– 4 “wild and crazy guys”.  3 from thinkASG and Mikey. David went out and bought jerseys just like the ‘big guys’!  David Browning (CEO of thinkASG) decide to start sponsoring us through his company, to see what good things we could do in future years.

(L to R) John Engel, Mike Soursby (Mikey), Tom Orr, David Browning

2010 Team pic

Having fun at Newport Coast

2010 no-twitter



– We grew to around 20 members, then 40 – we were HUGE (in our minds)!


Two Wheels One Planet (TWOP) comes in to assist with shop discounts and another tent to share at the races.

2012-Team-Pic-2  2012-Dave-Matt

AND, we started to ride CARBON bikes – they were awesome 🙂  


CLICK HERE to see our OTH 2012 photo book – lots of good memories!



– Expanded even more to about 43 members.

We get new lightweight jerseys.  Guinness the dog is our team mascot!2012-Team-pic


We get more into the charity/pay-it-forward as well.  We were able to collect lots of food, to give to local food banks:

IMG_0561  IMG_0562

Here’s a video from our OTH series.  CLICK HERE to watch it.

Here’s one from a Big Bear ride we did.  CLICK HERE.



We now are pared down a bit to a ‘core group’ of enthusiasts who completely embrace the ‘give back/Pay it forward’ mantra.

AND, we get an EZ-up exclusively for the MTB Club.

And yes, new jerseys with a cool club motto on the back…….

2014-Team-pic  2014-ezup   2014-jerseys

Here’s a movie of our 6/12 Hour racers in the Temecula series.  CLICK HERE to see the video.



Here’s a link to our OTH series riders.  CLICK HERE.

4/25/2015 We also had good attendance this year at the Rwanda 50 mile ride:

2015 SaddleBack-News-Rwanda  2015 Rwanda-ASG


We held our 1st (annual) MJR ride and collected $10,000 their foundation will use to give bikes to children as their FIRST bikes!!

MJR Ride (6/20/2015):

IMG_2021 IMG_2035Joe & John  Anne & Sid

Here’s a MOVIE LINK to the day’s events.

On 11/21/2015 the MJR foundation used a portion of the money to give away bikes to children at Olive Crest in Orange County.  Here’s some pictures of that great morning:

image-2  image-3 IMG_4902 2 image  IMG_4707 IMG_4816

9/24/2015 – We refinished Mark’s Bench in Whiting for the first time.  CLICK HERE for the movie ‘trailer’.

10/1/2015 a few of our riders joined the BPC group, to do a 4 day ride called “Kokopelli trail”.  It was a brutal and fun 4 days.  Here’s a link to the TRAILER and FULL MOVIE we made of this great time!

10/17/2015 Some of our members helped Orange County Outreach clean up and organize their facility:

image  IMG_2875  

Club members performed some trail maintenance during the year:

12/15/2015 on a drizzly (WHAT, rain in OC????) day at Whiting Ranch:

2015 12-11 Whiting trail maint 4  2015 12-11 Whiting trail maint 12

Unfortunately, the community lost a great biking friend early in the year – Scott Burrows (11/8/1960 – 1/12/2015).  He was not a member of our club, but deserves a note, as everyone who rode with him, or had him as a friend (many in the club) will miss him dearly.

Scottie table card  Scottie bikers 2  Scotties Oakley award

And, we had great FUN all year, as always:

2015 03-07 Bernies Bday Pure studs  2015-new-rider-LOL  2015 03-01 Kenda Cup - Branson

2015 03-07 Bernie bday ride  2015 04-11 Bstar ride Group1




Lincoln R. is one of our up-and-coming Jr riders – watch for great things from him:


1/9/2016 – another day of trail maintenance – this time in Oaks:

P1060816  IMG_2660

P1060794  P1060813

On 4/21/2016 and again on 7/11/2016 we re-finished Mark’s bench in Whiting Ranch:

  IMG_3934-2  IMG_3927

4/30/2016 We did the 50 mile Rwanda charity ride again:

On 10/1/2016 a few of us went to Sedona to ride our mountain bikes.  Click HERE for the movie trailer, HERE for the full ‘movie’.

6/18/2016 – We did our 2nd annual MJR charity ride.  Again, we garnered enough money (around $10,000) to allow the MJR Foundation to buy around 100 bikes for first time children riders.

on 12/3/2016 we did the actual bike give-away at Olive Crest:

12/2016 – Our club sponsored and David paid for 700 bike bells to be donated to Whiting Ranch, so they could give them away to bikers to use on the trail:


12/1/2016 – David sells thinkASG to Sirius Computer Solutions, so our new club name is changed to:

thinkMTB Club.  Our new logo:   





Lot’s of stuff going on, with the new club logo, new clothing, and the same racing and Pay-it-forward events as previous years.

First, the Pay-it-Forward items.  Here’s SOME of the things we were involved in.

1/3/2017 – Whiting/SHARE trail maintenance day:

2/25/2017 – Andy’s NICA fundraiser event:


3/8 & 3/15 – We maintained Mark’s Bench at the top of Dreaded:

3/19 – We did a bell give-away along with SHARE at Whiting Ranch:

7/31 – Did more maintenance on Mark’s bench:

9/23 – Held our annual MJR fundraiser #3 (raised another $10,000 – enough for about 100 bike for kids):

10/19/2017 A few of the members did a 4 day trip to Mammoth to ride.  CLICK HERE for the ‘trailer’, HERE for the ‘movie’.


As of the beginning of the year, Rock N’ Road became our Gold sponsor.

We also Picked up MODE nutrition, William Langstaff Dental group, and Endless Skateboards (owned by Lincoln Rhonemus – the 15 year old son of one of our members).  So, we’re creating new kits.  Hopefully to be printed and in our hands around March.