Frequently Asked Questions

What is the club about?

The thinkASG Mountain Bike Club exists to:
Play – keep each other accountable to taking care of ourselves and be healthy
Promote – to make the sport of mountain biking all it can be to those not yet exposed to it.
We strive to be model citizens on and off the trail. We are not about zooming down the trails as fast as we can, we want to be safe, responsible, and caring trail users.
Pay it forward – to remember we are blessed and to share that with those who are less so
Purpose – to make a difference in everyone we touch on and off the bike trails. See Promote – these tie together.
We Play
We Promote
We Pay it forward, all with Purpose.
These are our core values. Please enjoy our pictures and videos and site information.
Make sure you stop by our contact page and drop us a line.
We have almost daily rides and would enjoy riding with you on the local trails of So Cal!

Why would I want to be a member?

Would you like to be part of a group of riders that consistently exercise, compete with each other, stay healthy and most importantly give back to the community in so many ways??? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! Then this is the place for you. We have many team members of various skill and fitness levels. We also have many groups of people riding on all different schedules so there’s never a shortage of rides to join in on.

What does membership cost?

$60/year. This helps cover items such as some food we bring to races, rider race reimbursement for certain venues, website and other yearly ‘subscription’ costs, and general day-to-day costs to keep the club running. We ask that members do their part to contribute and give back on and off the trail. It’s important that affiliates represent the club in the best possible way, and act responsibly and respectful to others. This could include helping others on the trail, volunteering at charities, doing trail work, being a docent, etc.

How do I become a member?

Ride with us. Join us in some activities (keep viewing our website for events, Hot News), and see if it suits you. If our club is what you want to be associated with, let us know, and we’ll give it a go. We will sell kits/jerseys (if we have them available) to non-members ONLY IF Jeff or Mikey think they will represent our club values. This would be for people that don’t want to ‘lock in’ a club, or are members of another club already, but they like us, and would be proud wearing our colors.

Who do I call if I want to learn more?

Please go to our contact page, and state your interest/question. We will have the appropriate club board member get back to you